My untitled poem(work in progress)

Distractions from the left and right

Open your eyes and you’ll see what to fight

People around with their hands outstretched

Media brings messages sent from satellites above

“Tell me who to hate and who to love”

Sheep being led to the slaughter laughing as they bow to altars of idols 

built by those who profit and count their dollars

Those who speak out and point to the flaws are discarded and ignored

They didn’t make the Top 40 

Being cast into the shadows

We just wait for things to change

My radio says things will get better 

If I don’t do anything it will get better

I know because the song told me so

Don’t dare speak out unless you are insane

You are free to speak,but why take the chance

The best things in life were free, but what do we choose

The money,the fame, expensive wine and booze

We pay the cost of staying silent or saying what we are told

Instead of the freedoms that were given and then sold

Man in a suit shakes the hand of another

Money is exchanged, selling our brothers

Children cry with no food to eat

Silent eyes watching above and around

Yet no one is able to hear the sound 

of the tears that fall and run down the cheeks of many

Deaf,dumb, and blind

Point your pistols and pull the trigger 

so you cannot focus on things that are bigger

Puppet masters playing with lives like it’s chess

The young staying dumb because they think that it’s cool

The old following, raising a generation of fools

Evolving backwards from elder to babe 

Wishing for change and wanting to stay the same

Knowledge gained is scrubbed clean

Saying “I want change” is now a running trend

Some have the fire, but none have the heart

To say what has been wrong from the start

The fire is used to light up a match instead

To silence the voices with a pipe in one hand

The smoke will choke you so no one can hear what is said

“This song is too weird, it doesn’t have a beat”

Missing the message because you couldn’t move your feet

You block out what you hear and focus on the feel

Losing your feeling at the same time

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