Recently we have lost one of the great innovators of music and the music industry: Prince. Prince is probably most well known by his movie and soundtrack, Purple Rain, but if you stopped at his hits of the 80s you will have missed some of Prince’s best work. Prince had moving ballads, funky grooves, and led some of the best bands. Although it has been a couple of months and I didn’t know him personally, I feel that this is such a great loss. It is not just the prospect of more music but the loss of someone who impacted the life of those around him and that worked hard to perfect his craft to show his true vision instead of projecting out what the public or a company felt he should. Based upon some accounts of people who had worked with Prince, he was not the easiest to work with because of his perfectionism but he always brought the best out of the musicians he worked with and had a good sense of humor. I can see both of those qualities through the songs that he has written and the music that he has composed.

At this time, I have been enjoying hearing the funny stories that people are mentioning and have been working on celebrating his life. My first experience with Prince’s music was at the age of about 15 when my mom called me to see Purple Rain which was on the television. I remember the whole time I watched I was kind of confused and fascinated at the same time. The music was awesome and the overall atmosphere of the movie seemed otherworldly and different. I had never seen Prince, The Time, or Apollonia 6 perform  before and it was completely mind blowing. The energy was so high in every performance and the music was just Rock and Roll wrapped in Funk. Needless to say, after that movie I had to check out some more of his music. I have found favorites in each decade in his discography. He didn’t limit himself to any genre and continued to explore, which I find as an artist, most admirable. I think there is something for everyone.

Beyond the music, Prince definitely had style. My personal favorite fashion era would be from his Sign O the Times tour in 1987 to his Lovesexy Tour era in 1988. I think it may be the great use of colors and patterns. I mean,”Who can hate a polka dot suit?” Also, with a tag like, “This is not music. This is a trip,”the  Lovesexy tour was insane with the costumes as well as the stage set. Prince seemed to have as much influence in fashion as he did in music. Prince also brought to attention the issue of an artist having ownership of their creation and has showed the capabilities of working independently in the music industry. He was a true artist and will be missed.


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